Sunday, April 25, 2010


Made a rump roast this weekend. A really simple dish to do season then oven and done! accompanied by some root veggies and greens this made a nice evening with friends and dominoes.

Well of course with all the mayhem of cooking and eating I forgot to shoot a flick so instead I shot what was made with the leftover rump. Everyone loves left overs... day after Thanksgiving... you in the after Xmas dinner.... you in the fridge....heh heh heh.
For lunch I made a classic roast beef sandwich good bread, LTO and a horse radish rosemary aioli to top...BOOM!

For dinner we made 2 dishes, 1st being a simple ramen from package but "hooked up" with fresher ingredients. Green onion, hard boiled egg, and of course some rare beef...

And 2nd a Kimchee Jigae flavored by the fat of the roast beef. Fay had a craving for some Jigae and nailed it. The tofu was awesome in this dish.

Rump roast was purchased from these guys. Go there really good guys and great meats.


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