Friday, June 11, 2010

The Verdict...Oven Kalua Pig

Wow. How I manage to wait this long to make this dish at home. DISSCLAIMER: THIS DOES NOT BEAT WHAT YOU CAN MAKE IN AN IMU AS NOTHING CAN TOP AN IMU. but it sure does taste fricken good when youre 5000 miles away from home! Alittle Liquid smoke, salt, cabbage, and love made this a WINNER!!!
 Tender for a fork....Just da way we like it.
Done Shredding.
After all that shredding transfer to a pot add some broth and cabbage and you are done!

 - MDG


  1. OMFG i'm drooling..i've been telling jun i want to eat kalua pig for at least a month..=)

  2. YO TOFU! its super easy!!!! and all I tell Jun is go see my brother and find out when he is Imuing and you guys are always welcome to throw a butt or 2 inside and help out! Its super fun to do with my brother and friends it really is an experience. can make kalua pig for months!!!! just freeze um!

    I hope you guys are rocking!!!!


  3. U better bring enough for the Jung clan!!!!!