Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friends in Town/Inspiration

Michelle and Joe came to visit from SF and live here in NYC. I've met Joe through a great friend of mine Mannie Monis, Mannie is one eclectic Filipino, The guy never ceases to amaze me on his views about the world he lives in... Anyways Michelle is one of our new roommates as she transferred jobs from SF to see how life is in the Big City of Dreams...I think she's gonna do good here.
Fay and I on left Michelle and Joe to da right. Photo was taken by John Bush at his Spot. Please go there if you really like good food and vibes...
While Joe was here I cooked a few times and let me tell you I was a bit nervous to be cooking for this guy because A) he's a big ass Gorilla and B) the level that he cooks at is BEAST. I managed to not shoot any of this due to just being in the moment with friends and having a good time... Stand outs were Okra and Jalapeno tempura, Shrimp Truck Style Garlic Shrimp and Broiled Saba Mackerel. After seeing Joe just attack the food I cooked, it made me feel like I was on the right track and let me feel more loose in my kitchen and to experiment more with what I had to cook with etc...
So I made this... its boneless chicken thighs lightly floured in a butter wine sauce with onions, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, fresh oregano and chives...let me tell you... this was fricken good! Most of these ingredient's were leftover in my fridge. I had no clue as to what would come out at the end and I was really happy with this dish.

Thanks to Joe for the inspiration! 



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