Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Rhandy Tambio...This guy. I first met this dude in Hawaii through the In4mation boys, pre In4mation. probably 2002 or something. Whats funny is that we both grew up with the same friends but never met each other till later in life. He claims the first time I met him I yelled at him for ordering a slice of pizza with no meat on it...serves him right! he tries to imitates my voice when he tells this story"where's the meat?" (no homo).

Anyway later down the years he moves to NYC to start a new chapter in his crazy life and we become great friends, and little did we fricken know we share the same fricken's weird. This bday he blessed me with a photo he shot when he first moved to NYC. Its a photo of when we first went skating around the Brooklyn Banks...later I was told the only reason Rhandy wanted to skate the Banks so often was because L&L BBQ was down the street! FAT BOY! Hahaha...

So in return for his bday I cooked up some Shrimp Truck style shrimp. If you are not familiar with Hawaii there are shrimp trucks all around the North Shore and Kahuku that are super yummy... Just a truck with shrimp plates butter garlic some herbs over rice....But lots of BUTTER & GARLIC man the gravy from this over rice is sometimes better then the shrimp! FAT BOY!!!
This is a great meal to eat and cook! and it was great sharing it with a good friend. 



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