Sunday, August 8, 2010

Many Pardons....

Hello All,
Its been a long July. Sorry for the delay in posts, I know this is a blog of my cooking but I just couldn't get my grasps on blogging.We lost a great friend due to a battle with nature he could not win. Kenny was one of the best souls I've ever come across on this earth. He did not judge you and excepted you with open arms. He became my friend when others would not. I will truly miss this fucking dude.
Here is Kenny sinking a putt with my folks about 2006. He was pretty much down to do anything.
And again Kenny showing off what a few cases of beer and couple pounds of Poki can do...
When I first met Lillie Brown as Kenny's girlfriend I was instantly happy that he had found a great lady to share his life with. Lillie is an amazing person that would punch you in your stomach just to show you a little love...heh heh heh. Kenny was loved by all and hated by pretty much none.

                        (August 11th 1973 - July 23rd 2010)

 - MDG

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