Sunday, April 25, 2010


Made a rump roast this weekend. A really simple dish to do season then oven and done! accompanied by some root veggies and greens this made a nice evening with friends and dominoes.

Well of course with all the mayhem of cooking and eating I forgot to shoot a flick so instead I shot what was made with the leftover rump. Everyone loves left overs... day after Thanksgiving... you in the after Xmas dinner.... you in the fridge....heh heh heh.
For lunch I made a classic roast beef sandwich good bread, LTO and a horse radish rosemary aioli to top...BOOM!

For dinner we made 2 dishes, 1st being a simple ramen from package but "hooked up" with fresher ingredients. Green onion, hard boiled egg, and of course some rare beef...

And 2nd a Kimchee Jigae flavored by the fat of the roast beef. Fay had a craving for some Jigae and nailed it. The tofu was awesome in this dish.

Rump roast was purchased from these guys. Go there really good guys and great meats.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Soy Sauce Chicken

Normally I get whole thighs for this one and boil it in a mixture of soy sauce, water, vinegar, sugar, garlic etc... till its falling off the bone.... Maybe ill get that going soon.... This one we just diced a breast piece into some soy sauce and water sugar etc, and pan fried it. Accompanied by some sauteed broccoli stems and Kale for some greens, this made a great meal in a rush.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cowboy Steaks

I really dicked the dog on this one sorry... no photo op of the final product due to extreme hunger and that these steaks were so damn delicious. I really nailed it on cooking this to the perfect temperature. It was accompanied by pan roasted potatoes, diced brussel sprouts & a nice shallot gravy to go with it.... And I forgot to invite Quinn which now we owe him one....sorry Quinn!

I got these steaks at Choice Greene. Something new that they are carrying, these steaks came vacuumed sealed and were so juicy and tender. I was saying a year ago only if we had a great butcher in the hood and I'll be set...and boom there you go! As large as these steaks were the Itis factor was amazingly low!


Crisis Resolved/Chicken Burritos

Whoa! Its been a minute! as you see in the photo above I had a complete melt down Blackberry wise...
I went through 4 damn phones in a week! So no phone = no photos, lets hope this doesn't happen again!

Here is the last meal I had before Chernobyl happened...

We felt like rolling some fatties... And burrtios are so easy to do...

Eat um if you got um!