Monday, January 31, 2011


 Whoa. Pizza Stone. About a year ago my pal Pat told me about how he just purchased a Pizza Stone. He was all man this thing is amazing and I was like "what?" and he was all like "Yea". Pizza is amazing in NY. You have all your favorite spots to go to in different neighborhoods, Ill get a slice even if I m not that hungry on GP just because I'm near a dope ass spot. But honestly I was a bit sceptical about making home made pizzas as I've had some really bad pizza in NYC, which made me think damn is pizza making really that hard? Seriously when you've have a bad slice in NY it can really bring your day down.
 So fast forward a year later. Pat and Rika invite us over for some pizza and beer. We used his pizza stone and I m completely sold. This was an awesome evening of just relaxing and talking over some freshly made pizza and cans of beer.
2 weeks later and BOOM. I make the move to purchase my pizza stone. With the stone, paddle, roller and cutter cost me about 35 bucks.
We set up a little work station next to the oven and got busy. Flour, some yeast, cornmeal and all of your toppings...You really don't need much as you are making smaller pies and because the pies are smaller they cook in just under 10 minutes.
Our basic toppings were Can sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Red/Sweet Onions, Green Bell Peppers, Baby Bella Shrooms, Fresh Garlic, Pepperoni, Ground Sausage, Anchovies and Fresh Basil to top. Pretty much any way you made your pie it came out super tasty and crispy in all the right spots.
Now after making homemade pizzas and realizing all the bad pizzas in NYC it makes you think damn these people just really suck at making pizza. We are no experts here nor even Italian and these Pies came out SLAMMING.

EH! Luigi! Make A Da Pizza!


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