Sunday, January 12, 2014


Where do I begin..... I was just reminded that I once started a home cooking blog and neglected it almost 3 years ago. I stumbled upon it tonight and thought what to do with this ghost ship. I still cook at home, I still have this blog.... fuck it lets post something!

Lots have happened within 3 years... an awesome marriage, the birth of my Daughter Rosie, and lots of cooking have gone down since 2011. I feel that my cooking has become more stream lined and Ive been paying attention to not over cooking my veggies. Also sourcing my ingredients have been more of a conscious effort. More if not all organic, Local, and tasty. The Farmers Market works best, but is only so seasonal.

I have mostly been posting my food photos sometimes on my Instagram @skellingit or just shooting texts to friends who care about what we all have been cooking up.

Here are 2 photos:
 Its Winter and what a great time to make soup. This chicken soup is simple and easy.

1) Whole Chicken
1) bunch of Carrots
1) bunch of Celery
2) whole onions
2) cloves of garlic
1) bunch of green onions (just for seasoning for stock)
1) bunch each of Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary
1) water to fill the pot
3) Bay leafs
Last Salt and Pepper ( whole pepper corns)

Clean all veggies and Chicken, Separate half of each veggies you have, you want to use about a quarter to a half of the amount you bought first just to cook the stock with chicken. Save the other half for later

Then chop Carrots and Celery in half to fit in pot, chop Onion in half or quarters with skin on, chop Green Onion roots off and then chop GO in halves, smash garlic, then tie a bunch of each Oregano, Thyme, and Rosemary together. I usually stuff the Chicken with some Salt and whole pepper corns and these ingredients to make room for the pot. Fill water up in your pot to just cover chicken, pop a few bay leafs in there and turn heat on and get that thing boiling, then I let it down to med/low and slow cook it. about 1hour to 1.5 hours. About the 1 hour mark I usually flip the bird upside down so the top can cook a bit.

Turn off heat and remove chicken to a large dish. Let chicken cool down then shred with your hands till its down to the bone. I sometimes save some of the shredded chicken to make other dishes since you can get a lot of meat off of one bird. ( chicken salad sammys are a good one)

 I then take all the old veggies in the pot and the bones and put in a new pot add water and cook that down to make more stock. Fill water to cover and on a low heat for about 20-40mins. Turn heat off, strain stock and discard all the ingredients.

Last, strain the main stock with a strainer into a new pot, Dice the remaining carrots, celery, and onion in a size you feel comfortable eating in a soup. Throw veggies into pot season with salt and pepper over med heat for a few minutes then add stock back into pot. I usually tie another bunch of herbs together and throw that in along with another bay leaf. Cook the new chicken soup until carrots are alil soft but watch the celery as they tend to over cook. If you need more stock just add the second batch if you cooked it.

Just add salt and pepper to taste, sometimes I just add it when Im ready to eat per bowl....

Best thing about this is you make PLENTY of soup, so I usually freeze about 2 quarts of it and bust it out when I need it.

Also if you have your herbs and don't use them all drying them out and using them later is a key way in not wasting anything. 

This recipe is flawless and is easy to enjoy.
 2 Scoops Rice, Portuguese Sausage, and Eggs makes me Happy. Remember Shoyu all ovah! Thanks Kalani!

Happy New Year - MDG